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2016 Release: Going Upstairs with EasyBaby

EasyBaby has been one of the most popular bands at Connecticut Blues Society events. Rocking blues and soul fronted by the dynamic vocals of Kelly Rago. Kelly can sound tough, sexy or sultry – depending on the song. Rich Badowski’s harp is the heart of the group. Rich has been in many premier blues bands and has competed in the International Blues Challenge, in Memphis. Dennis Cotton (drums) and Max Samsone (bass) are a powerful rhythm section. Trevor West can “get down in the alley” on guitar. Recorded at Shakey Buddha Studios, for the Tin Can Record Label.

Going Upstairs kicks off with “Next Door Neighbor Blues”, by Gary Clark Jr. Kelly establishes this is a blues album, while singing “I came home last night, had a pistol pointed at my head. He said, fuss up girl or I’m gonna shoot you dead”. With Rich’s harp and Trevor’s guitar blazing in the background. Followed by Kelly holding her own on “Rock Me Baby” (previously recorded by everyone from Bonnie Raitt to BB King). “Hard Times”, by Jessie Mae Hemphill brings the band to Mississippi hill country. Another excellent harp solo by Richie. “The Fool” and “Wait and See” are originals, with Greg Allen on bass. Badowski uses a chromatic harp on “The Fool” and Trevor gets a chance to stretch out. “Goodbye Lover”, another original, has Kelly shouting “Goodbye lover, you can kiss my ass”.

The live version of Eddie Boyd’s “I’m Coming Home” is ideal for a slow dance and Trevor has a fine solo. Going Upstairs is a real down home blues by John Lee Hooker. Excellent harp, while Kelly is shouting the blues over a strong rhythm section. “I Don’t Know” is a stop time blues number that will keep your head bopping. Ms. Rago slowed it down for a fine rendition of BB King’s first hit, “Three O’Clock in the Morning”. Rich took the vocals on the last song – closing the set with Hooray, “This Woman’s Killing Me”. A fun way to end an album of solid blues. [ ]

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